Thursday, April 9, 2009


These are the announcement that were made today at co-op, if you missed anything:

Leigh Anne Florence and her dog Woody will be here next week. We signed up for items to bring for the Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Please prep your kids on co-op and songs at the end of the day as usual, and using good manners while Mrs. Florence is talking to us in the Fellowship Hall. We will listen to what she has to tell us, then have ice cream. Mom's that have older kids - please stay toward the back of the fellowship hall and slip out into the kitchen to help get ice cream, toppings, bowls, spoons, etc. set up. Mrs. Florence will also be autographing books that are purchased. I will have a few extra order forms, if you need one. Checks are written to her company, not co-op. Each book is $13.00 (I think).

We are still having teachers sign up for classes. Still need some more K-1st options. I think Pre-K is pretty set. There are several offerings for the 4-5 grades. We could take some more 2-3 options. If you told me about a class you were wanting to teach, please e-mail me the name of the class and age range you are interested in. My brain is swimming at this point trying to remember what everyone mentioned. I will put it on the board for you.

Field Trip Survey - Deanna Wardrip is going to set up monthly (possibly) Field Trips for us. There was a survey that went out today for the Mom's to fill out about what days each week are best, field trip suggestions, how far you are willing to drive, how much are you willing to pay, etc. If you have any suggestions, and didn't get to fill out a form, please e-mail Deanna at

Dinner and Display Sign-ups were also today. Most everyone signed up for food to bring for the Taco Bar. If you didn't sign-up let me know what you want to bring. I need someone to bring Taco Sauce and/or Salsa, another batch of mild taco meat, and some more cheese/rotel dip.

We also signed up for Dinner and Display Night presentations and displays. This sheet will be available again next week. Decide if any of your classes want to present something in front of the group, and/or if you are wanting to display some things from class. If you are displaying, you need to coordinate with the other teachers that have class in your same room.

Yearbook orders are still being taken. The yearbook will cover the Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 semesters. It will be $12.50 per book, and you can bring cash or check. Checks are written to HFHG. Yearbooks will be available mid-summer.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I pray you have a worshipful Easter week-end.

See you next week,Julie

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