Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Day Reminders- This Thursday!

We have heard from everyone except one family and three other families said they could not come due to power outages. With that in mind, we have decided to go ahead and have classes this week. So...we will see you on Thursday!

Remember to bring any class supplies that are needed for your classes. Soccer students no longer need to bring balls as they have been donated to us! PreK and Art students should bring an old shirt or smock to protect their clothes every week in their backpacks.

Set up crew should arrive around 8:45am to get everything set up, 1st hour Toddler and Nursery workers need to be sure to be on time so teachers can drop off their kids by 9:10am. I have sent out emails to all the people this effects.

Open assembly starts at 9:15 in the sanctuary. Everyone will need to arrive in time to sign in, get their family's name badges, drop off any stuff they won't need throughout the day (coats, lunches, etc) in the Fellowship Hall and be in the Sanctuary ready to start on time.

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