Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Cards Exchange

There has been some discussion about exchanging Valentine Cards at Co-op. We have decided that if you choose to participate, your child can make Valentine Cards for their age group (see below) and bring them to class on February the 12th. Teachers, please allow the kids to exchange cards for the first few minutes of class. The kids need to know that they are not opening cards during class, but they can open them all when they get home. Again, this is an optional activity, and it will take place NEXT week. If you have any questions, please contact me. Julie Howlett

Joshua Miller
Madelyn Curtsinger
Ethan Clark
Lincoln Say
Molly Outland
Abel Walls
Noah Taylor

Caleb Brown
Connor Pack
Emily Hendricks
Grace Odell
Haleigh Clark
Nina Stearns
Wyatt Wardrip
Maddox Say
Julianne Winchenbach

Abby Curtsinger
Chase Howlett
Corin Odell
Eli Clark
Eli Say
Libby Thornton
Matthew Hendricks
Samuel Gates
Tyler Thomas
Jackson Winchenbach
Cassidy Matherly
Annie Halverson
Josie Walls
Blake Warner
Charity Taylor

1st Grade
Aaron Gates
Aubrey Clark
Zoe Redmond (Napper)
Cody Matherly
Trinity Taylor

2nd Grade
Elizabeth Hendricks
Gavin Clark
Hannah Pyles
Joseph Miller
Kaylynn Wardrip
Lilly Mooney
Luke Walls
Tyshae Jepsen
Jalen Winchenbach
Joshua Halverson
Riley Warner

3rd Grade
Brianna Gates
Caryn Thomas
Christina Matherly
Danielle Baker
Ethan Pyles
Hannah Brown
Karly Walls
Tristan Say
Whitley Howlett
Jonluk Cancel

4th Grade
Andrea Stearns
Jonathan Engstrom
Lily Curtsinger
Noah Say
Samuel Miller
Andrew Halverson

5th Grade
Kelsey Pack

6th Grade
Hannah Mooney
Libby Comenzind
Seth Bake

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